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Duct systems in the home are frequently overlooked. These duct systems are the pipes or tubing that transfer air into every room in your home. The duct system may significantly reduce the cost and efficiency with which your house is heated and cooled. A properly functioning duct system will allow air to circulate throughout your home, keeping you comfortable all year. If air does not reach specific rooms in your San Francisco home, you may have to consider air duct removal and replacement.

An air duct professional should address many HVAC concerns, and deciding whether or not to remove your ducting system is one of them. Because of the substantial effort and high cost required, you should only have new ducting removed, replaced, and installed if necessary.

At San Francisco Air Control, we provide world-class air duct removal and replacement services. We have a team of licensed, insured, and state-certified ducting specialists, making them fully qualified to handle your needs. Also, our professionals are committed to completing your removal project on time and fit your budget.

When To Remove & Replace Your Ductwork?

Over time, ductwork can degrade, causing breaches that enable conditioned air to escape into your attic and hot, filthy air to be drawn back into your home. It is critical to be aware of deteriorating ductwork indicators and the best time to remove and replace your damaged ductwork to protect your health, increase your comfort, and save money.

These are the most common key indicators that it is time to remove and replace your ductwork:

You have nothing to worry about because our ducting professionals here at San Francisco Air Control are honest and precise in their job. They will inspect your ductwork at home and provide an honest evaluation of the best options tailored to your needs and budget. Whether your ductwork requires repair or needs to be removed and replaced, we can give you an honest opinion. Have peace of mind knowing that our professional team will remove and replace your ductwork in a timely and efficient manner to ensure your HVAC systems back up and running again!

How Much Air Duct Removal & Replacement Will Cost You?

The cost of replacing ductwork is determined by several factors, including the size of your home or property, the materials utilized, and the labor involved. Ductwork replacement typically costs 
$35 to $55 per linear foot of labor and supplies. The average will cost you between $1,000 and $5,000 to replace the ducting system.

However, if the design is extremely intricate, the cost of replacing your ducting may be costlier due to the time and effort necessary.

Why Choose San Francisco Air Control?

San Francisco Air Control strives to deliver the best service experience possible for our customers. 
Our technicians are carefully selected for their integrity, professionalism, communication skills, and problem-solving ability.

Our exceptional reputation in the greater San Francisco and surrounding areas has been built
on our ability to:

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